Lightpoint Technologies' Partners

Lightpoint Technologies partners with leading technology vendors and services companies to ensure that our clients receive the best service and most complete solution possible.

WhereScape provides enterprise-class software for the design, construction, and operation of dimensional data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence environments, and decision support systems. Its flagship product, WhereScape RED, allows for the design, prototype, and deployment of a production-quality, full-scale dimensional data warehouse in a matter of days or weeks.

Visual Crossing's industry-leading map visualization software for the MicroStrategy platform provides fully interactive maps for reporting, dashboards and documents including drilling, page-by and OLAP Services functionality.  Based on the enterprise-scalable J2EE architecture, the platform delivers fully productized deployment and configuration eliminating costly consulting engagements. Visit us on the web at

Bitam is a global provider of business intelligence and performance management software solutions with one focus: providing companies of any size with greater capability and insight for less investment and risk.

Built on an integrated platform, Bitam’s highly focused product suite can be deployed and installed in days rather than weeks – resulting in less upfront investment and ongoing costs Bitam products are easier to learn and use than other solutions, resulting in widespread adoption with minimal training. In addition, Bitam’s entire team embraces a collaborative approach that ensures the Bitam solutions are structured to best meet the unique needs of every client.

Privately held and founded in Mexico, Bitam has offices and subsidiaries in North, Central and South America as well as Europe and serves more than 700 customers in 16 countries. To learn more about Bitam, visit


Wincourse Technologies Inc., a technology services company, specializing in bringing forth quality and affordable IT solutions to technology based markets.
We excel the business of technology by providing IT companies with a range of solutions to help the growing and budget minded focus on their core business. Whether you are an application development or a business Intelligence company, we provide solutions that help reduce IT capital costs by providing network management services for in-house and hosted environments, traditional and non traditional hosted solutions, virtual infrastructure, network monitoring and systems automation.


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