What We Do

Over the past decade, organizations have made significant investments in business intelligence technologies.   Studies show that the amount of data being stored by organizations to analyze with these technologies is growing at a rapid rate.  With the introduction of new technologies, such as RFID, the growth is going to increase exponentially. 

LightPoint helps organizations transform vast amounts information into formats easily understood by business users allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible. 

Through Data Warehouse Lifecycle Management tools and methodologies we help companies construct business intelligence and decision support environment that provide the information needed to help business users make the right decisions at the right time. 

Using Location Intelligence applications we enable organizations to use web based mapping and spatial analysis within their existing business intelligence architecture.  Users are able to analyze and fully leverage the geographical component of their information to see trends and patterns they could not see before.


"The people of Lightpoint Technologies have helped us transform our transaction level data into actionable information allowing our members to more efficiently manage their supply chain enabling them to reduce supply expense and deploy resources more effectively."

Tom Palmer
Director Premier Inc.


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