Location Intelligence

Know where, or go nowhere

In his 1989 book Information Anxiety, Richard Wurman describes the 5 fundamental way of organizing data using the acronym L.A.T.C.H

L - Location
A – Alphabetically
T – Time
C – Categorically
H – Hierarchical

Business Intelligence tools, which started to become mainstream about the time this book was published, have done a great job at A (alphabetical), T (time), C (categorical) and H (hierarchical).  However L (location) has been one area yet to be leveraged.  It is estimated that 80+% of all data has some location component through attributes such as address, city, state, zip or the first 6 digest of a phone number.  This, with the popularity of web sites such as Mapquest and Google Earth showing users comfort level with maps, indicate now is the time for business intelligence solutions to exploit the location component of the information.

Location intelligence links special analysis or maps with the information provided in traditional business intelligence applications.  LightPoint helps organizations leverage the combination of these technologies allowing users to rapidly process large amounts of information enabling them to react quicker to changes in their environment and make the right decisions on how to increase revenue, decrease costs or improve processes.

At LightPoint we work with state of the art location intelligence technologies and provide extensive business intelligence experience to enable organizations to fully exploit the value of your geographical information contained within you existing business data.


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