Scorecard, Dashboards, Guided Analysis

At LightPoint we realize not all business users can consume information in the same format. Basic grid reports or spreadsheets work well for a particular user but many users do not have they time to dig through the data to find the information they need.  LightPoint has worked with organizations to develop the dashboards and scorecards needed to ensure all members of the organization benefit from investment made in business intelligence and decision support architectures.

Scorecards and dashboards provide executives the information needed to ensure an organization is operating at maximum potential and if not, provide input into areas of opportunity. A delivery channel geared to executive and senior management, giving a quick and concise view of the organization and providing knowledge to quickly respond to an ever-changing environment.

Many decisions are made on a consistent basis and require knowledge to enable the most informed decision possible. Customers have neither time nor desire to mine the data. Using LightPoint’s methodology for developing guided navigational paths through the information is required to equip users with the knowledge they need to make the right decision. Once the decision is finalized it must be communicated appropriately and monitored for success

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